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Spirit Bags

A Spirit Bag is created for healing, by maintaining personal harmony - with the physical and spiritual. We add sage to cleanse and connect you to the Creator

and a crystal or gemstone to ground you to our

Mother Earth, bringing you strength & healing. Traditionally kept close to the HEART, it is worn around the neck. The bag contains that which is sacred and good medicine for you. Spiritually representing the wearer helping guide and protect one on their 

journey. As you journey along your path in life you may add other treasures to your bag.

::::: We are thankful & honored to be able to respect the Spirits of the plants, animals & Mother Earths elements. We offer these tools for Spiritual expression, to be in balance with Mother Earth, the Creator and one's self. ::::::

Each bag is handcrafted with love and light, by artist

 Barb Alverson Biggerstaff

*Evening Star Woman*

and Jaime Biggerstaff


PHONE: 507-450-5944

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